SentinelOne 2021 EMEA 2021 Technical Star Award

We are delighted to announce that SentinelOne has recognised Cybanetix as their EMEA 2021 Technical Star Award!

 We want to thank all of our fabulous customers, SentinelOne, and of course, our fantastic technical team for all the effort and support. This reiterates our continued goal that Cybanetix has the highest level of technical ability to ensure our customers are well protected. We are excited about the future and look forward to our continued partnership!

Thank you to Keith Poyser – Senior Director of Channel EMEA, for your kind words and support!

Cybanetix consistently show an advanced level of technical skill when it comes to SentinelOne, helping advise clients and potential clients on the best outcomes for their Cyber Security needs. This self sufficiency creates a win for the client, for us and for Cybanetix. We are delighted to recognise this strength with this award 

Keith Poyser

Regional Director, UK & Ireland.

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