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Applications and APIs are constantly under attack from bots and emerging techniques. Imperva delivers automated protection, backed by a global SOC, to block with precision. Imperva protects cloud applications, websites and applications, files, SharePoint systems, databases and big data repositories from both theft and ever-evolving extortion attacks like DDoS and ransomware. Imperva provides granular visibility into how users access data and applications and use sophisticated user tracking and classification to detect and block cyber attacks, botnets, unauthorized users and malicious insiders.


[wo/aaa/fth]  Noun  –  Web Application Firewall

A WAF (web application firewall) is a filter that protects against HTTP application attacks. It inspects HTTP traffic before it reaches your application and protects your server by filtering out threats that could damage your site functionality or compromise data.

As companies and users increasingly rely on web applications, such as web-based email or e-commerce functionality, application-layer attacks pose a greater risk to productivity and security. Therefore, a WAF is crucial to protect against rapidly emerging web security threats.

Secure data everywhere it lives

Data is the target in every cyberattack. Imperva goes beyond compliance to malicious access to your data distributed across on-premises and multi-cloud infrastructure. Imperva understands that security, compliance, reliability and general network health are essential to your organization. We are committed to supporting and working with you over the long run helping you keep up with security and compliance challenges and stay ahead of cybercriminals. Our mission has always remained the same to protect what matters most your data and applications.

Why Imperva?

Imperva is a leading provider of data and application security solutions that protect business-critical information in the cloud and on-premises. Founded in 2002, we have enjoyed a steady history of growth and success, generating $264 million in 2016, with over 5,200 customers and more than 500 partners in 100+ countries worldwide.


2022 Strategic Roadmap for Data Security Platform Convergence

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