Security Updates

Security updates

Expand your knowledge of the cybercrimes with our technical content from our very own SOC team. Each security update takes a deep dive into a vulnerability and offers you a detailed insight into how best to protect you and your organisations. Leverage our expertise and secure your business, people and network.

Security update 

Print Nightmare (CVE-2021-1675)

I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines at the moment about the latest Microsoft security vulnerability, named “PrintNightmare”.
Thus far Microsoft have failed to address the issue with two out of sequence patch releases. Here at Cybanetix,
we have dissected the vulnerability and can share with you our findings, along with ways to mitigate, detect and
secure your networks. This article designed to be factual and to provide some perimeter information around the
print nightmare problem.

Security update 

Our Collab with empowers Cybanetix SOC with real-time IP address and geolocation data, enhancing threat detection, incident response, and risk assessment. By swiftly identifying origins and patterns, equips SOC analysts to proactively safeguard digital assets and counter emerging cyber threats.’s comprehensive database offers real-time information about IP addresses, including their geographical locations, autonomous system numbers (ASNs), internet service providers (ISPs), and more. This enables the Cybernetix SOC to swiftly identify and analyze the source of network activities, potentially identifying malicious actors, unauthorized access attempts, or suspicious traffic patterns.