Security Information and Event Management

Cybanetix delivers Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) on-premise or as a SaaS service. We can provide platform only solutions or we can actively monitor events in your infrastructure, ensuring you never miss a critical event again.

Security is not just an Enterprise problem but SIEM is generally aimed at larger organisations. The cost and complexity of implementing and maintaining SIEM solutions means even big organisations do not get the real value that should be derived from well implemented SIEM solutions. Cybanetix can implement, support and manage LogRhythm SIEM solutions on behalf of the customers to give them most value out of the investment.

For customers who cannot warrant a traditional Enterprise solution, Cybanetix can offer a SaaS SIEM solution, which is integrated with leading threat intelligence databases and technologies. This enables organisations to focus on critical events that need attention, while reducing the requirement for human monitoring and analytics. This SIEM and threat intelligence SaaS enables organisations with limited budget to detect when they have been breached.

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