SIEM as a Service

Cybanetix SIEM as a Service provides organisations with a comprehensive view of events taking place in their network, to quickly identify and act against threats and malicious user behaviours. The automated SIEM includes pre-built dashboards, alerting and event search and investigation facilities. The service removes the need for organisations to invest time and resource into manually trawling through millions of event logs to find actionable intelligence.

Cybanetix SIEM as a Service offers a cost-efficient, hassle-free SIEM that improves your organisation’s security posture and aids PCI, ISO27001 and GDPR compliance.

Cloud Intelligence 

Cybanetix Threat Cloud (CTC) is a central repository of Indicators of Compromise (IOC), compiled from several global threat streams. CTC ensures that SIEM as a Service is kept up-to-date with the latest threat intelligence, automatically correlating event logs to identify threats such as connections to ransom-ware and malware servers.


Key Features

  • Cloud
    Customers benefit from a true SaaS service, with minimal investment up-front and no need for on-premise infrastructure.
  • Correlate events with known threats
    Cybanetix Threat Cloud (CTC) enriches events with live threat data allowing real-time threat detection and alerting.
  • Intuitive view of threats and events
    SOCaaS provides IT users with a simple intuitive interface, which graphically depicts trends and events. This enables customers to improve their security posture and achieve compliance with PCI, ISO27001 and GDPR.

Help at hand
Cybanetix offers SIEM as a Service customers help with setting up logging from their infrastructure and setting up tailored dashboards to ensure that they get easy access to key monitoring information without any complicated setup and deployment knowledge.

Easy to use
SIEM as a Service provides a ready made solution with dashboards and alerts, helping customers to comply with PCI and ISO27001 as soon as they start logging to the CALM platform. The interface comes with the ability to build searches using graphical aids and to drill into threats through the automated threat intelligence correlation.

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