Technology Implementation

Cybanetix has the in-house expertise to help customers implement robust security solutions that incorporate one or more of our partner technologies.

Cyber Security technologies span every aspect of IT infrastructure, including externally available information and applications. The result of this is that organisations can end up deploying more than seven different security technologies. This approach makes it difficult for internal support teams to cover the breadth of skills required to effectively manage their organisation’s Cyber Security architecture end to end.

The implementation, support and integration of multiple technologies increases the risk of design and configuration errors, potentially leaving organisations exposed. For most customers, implementing a new security technology is a rare occurrence given that most technologies have a lifespan of five years.

Cybanetix has extensive experience in planning, assisting and managing large scale migrations from legacy security platforms and technologies, to new solutions and next-generation technologies. Our customers are ensured that their solutions are configured to industry, vendor and relevant compliance standards; and that all legacy configurations are migrated, alleviating any risks for security gaps which occur due to incomplete migrations.

In addition to implementation, Cybanetix offers end-to-end documentation of the delivered solution and post migration support training for organisations who are looking to manage their own security solutions.

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