Cloud Security

When organisations migrate to the cloud, they don’t just change their consumption model for a particular application or services, they also change where their data is located and their ability to protect this data. While the applications and services available from Amazon, Microsoft, and a range of reputable SAAS providers are natively secure as platforms, organisations still need to secure the use of those applications and the data which reside on them.

The virtue of cloud applications is that they are ubiquitously available which limits an organisation’s ability to control user behaviours such as exfiltration of sensitive organisation data through cloud email, or monitor sensitive data on CRM platforms such as personal information for customers.

Cybanetix offer solutions which enable customers to detect, alarm and prevent security risks and breaches on cloud infrastructure and SAAS applications. These solutions are a pre-requisite for compliance and regulations such as PCI and GDPR, but also a protection against exfiltration of sensitive organisation data which fundamentally is a risk to any business.

We generally use common components in our solution, whereby we can standby the designs and offer a service offering which suits our customers.

The most common technologies that we incorporate in our solution are from our key technology partners:

  • Palo Alto Networks for Cloud SAAS protection and AWS and Microsoft Azure protection
  • Proofpoint for Cloud Email protection
  • Gemalto for Cloud Encryption and Identity management

if you are interested in our Cloud Security solutions, please contact us.