Perimeter Security

Cybanetix design perimeter solutions for its customers that cater for any requirement. Solutions range from multi-tiered global large scale enterprise solutions which provide guaranteed 99.99% uptime and integration with cloud application, down to single firewall deployments for smaller organisations.

The focus of our design is to right-size a customer solutions to the individual customers requirements. As part of our design consideration for customer solutions we look at:

  • Customer Applications
  • Throughput
  • Existing firewall setup
  • Customer Server architectures
  • Mobility and VPN requirement
  • Web filtering requirement
  • Sandboxing requirements
  • Email antispam and anti-virus requirement
  • Customer risk profile
  • Resilience requirement
  • Cloud applications strategy
  • WAN design

We generally use common components in our solution, whereby we can standby the designs and offer a service offering which suits our customers.

The most common technologies that we incorporate in our solution are from our key technology partners:

  • Palo Alto Networks for Firewalls, web filtering, sandboxing and cloud security
  • Proofpoint for Email protection and encryption
  • Gemalto for VPN tokens and identity management
  • DUO for two factor authentication

If you are interested in our perimeter security solutions, please contact us.