Data Driven Security

Lacework is the data-driven security platform for the cloud. The Lacework Cloud Security Platform is the only security solution that can collect, analyze and accurately correlate data across an organization’s AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes environments, and narrow it down to the handful of security events that matter. Thousands of customers globally depend on Lacework for behavior anomaly analysis, real-time threat detection, and cloud compliance.

Observability Platform

[uhb.ZUR.vuh.BIL.uh.tee/plat·fawm]  Noun  –  Magnifying your issues in the cloud.

Observability is defined as the ability of the internal states of a system to be determined by its external outputs. With the unknown unknowns of our software’s failure modes, we want to be able to figure out what’s going on just by looking at the outputs: we want observability.

Typically used in cloud computing security or, more simply, cloud security. The platform refers to a broad set of policies, technologies, applications, and controls utilized to protect virtualized IP, data, applications, services, and the associated infrastructure of cloud computing.

Visibility for the Cloud

Lacework provides runtime threat defence that enables security teams to identify vulnerabilities across the entire scope of their cloud and containerized environments. This includes identifying security issues with serverless resources, applications, networks, file systems, APIs, processes, and other elements that could increase the threat vector of an organization’s infrastructure. With an emphasis on events happening at runtime, organizations can identify issues before they spread within their cloud or container environments.

Why Lacework?

Lacework provides a single platform for securing all of your infrastructure in the public cloud as well as cloud-native tools like containers and Kubernetes. This includes identifying both risks and threats across your dynamic infrastructure, infrastructure as code, your workloads, and containers. Lacework does this to best provide visibility for things like vulnerability and breach detections against all of your cloud infrastructure.


How Lacework Detects Anomalies

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