Cyber Security technology spans every aspect of any organisations IT infrastructure as well as any externally available information; which inevitably means that most organisations deploy and manage in excess of 7 different inter-linked security technologies.

Cybanetix has extensive experience working with customers to plan, assist and manage large scale migrations from their legacy security implementations, to new solutions and technologies. In addition to the implementation and migration of security technologies,

Cybanetix has a comprehensive service and consultancy offering; providing customers with expert advisory, outsource and managed services for cyber security and compliance.

Security Operations Centre – SOC

The Cybanetix SOC (Security Operations Centre) interlinks three core technologies, CALM, CTC and Exabeam. The combination of these technologies enables Cybanetix to proactively identify, analyse and investigate malicious events. User behavioural analytics elevates the detection rates of complex attacks and insider threats which have historically eluded Security Operations Teams.

SIEM as a Service

Cybanetix SIEM as a Service provides organisations with a comprehensive view of events taking place in their network, to quickly identify and act against threats and malicious user behaviours. The automated SIEM includes pre-built dashboards, alerting and event search and investigation facilities. The service removes the need for organisations to invest time and resource into manually trawling through millions of event logs to find actionable intelligence.

Technology Implementation

Cybanetix has the in-house expertise to help customers implement robust security solutions that incorporate one or more of our partner technologies.

Cyber Security technologies span every aspect of IT infrastructure, including externally available information and applications. The result of this is that organisations can end up deploying more than seven different security technologies. This approach makes it difficult for internal support teams to cover the breadth of skills required to effectively manage their organisation’s Cyber Security architecture end to end.

Breach Detection

Identifying when you have been breached is difficult in today’s world of perimeter-less networks, mobility and cloud services. To be able to ubiquitously detect breaches you need to collect and analyse events and data from every possible point where a breach could potentially occur. Cybanetix works with leading threat intelligence partners and analytics technologies which identify threats and breaches from different aspects of your infrastructure.

Secure Internet and WAN

Cybanetix offer an end-to-end Internet and WAN management service. Whilst Internet and WAN based connectivity services have enabled smarter and faster ways of working, they can also expose the sensitive data held by organisations to threats and breaches. Securing the perimeter and your server infrastructure is fundamental to protecting the data you hold.

Support and Managed Services

As an organisation, it is increasingly difficult to employ staff with sufficient breadth and depth of knowledge to implement, support and manage the security technologies required in today’s world. Where customers do not have the sufficient skills to do so, they leave themselves exposed.

Cybanetix can support and manage your Cyber Security solution with a team of specialist security engineers.

Information Security Training

Cybanetix offers a comprehensive cyber security portfolio with online and class-room based training.

With the end-user being responsible for over 90% of breaches, a core defence for organisations is to educate users with regard to information security and data protection. Cybanetix offers an online training facility as well as on-site trainer based services. The online training allows managers to assign training modules to users and monitor the training progress of individuals and teams.


Cybanetix Advanced Log Manager (CALM) is a cost efficient SIEM solution, which can be delivered on-prem or As A Service.