People Centric Security

People are busy. And they’re distracted. Sometimes they click the wrong things. Even your best people can open the wrong email, fall victim to fraud, and make the same digital mistakes we all make. Your people are your greatest business asset—and your weakest security and compliance link. Let us help you build a defense that starts with them.

Email Security

[ee-mayl / suh·kyuor·ruh·tee] Verb – Electronic mail protection protocols 

Email security describes different techniques for keeping sensitive information in email communication and accounts secure against unauthorised access, loss or compromise. Email is often used to spread malware, spam and phishing attacks. Attackers use deceptive messages to entice recipients to part with sensitive information, open attachments or click on hyperlinks that install malware on the victim’s device. Email is also a common entry point for attackers looking to gain a foothold in an enterprise network and obtain valuable company data.

Insider Threat Management

Proofpoint helps customers share large files securely and protect sensitive information as it’s sent, stored, and archived. Proofpoint solutions are built on an advanced cloud platform that blends speed and innovation. They deploy, adapt and update faster than on-premises tools to keep you ahead of the latest threats. For example, a 360,000-user organization recently deployed our solutions in just 48 hours.

Security Awareness Training

[suh·kyuor·ruh·tee/uh·weuh·nuhs/tray·nuhng]  Verb  –  Every day is a school day 

Security awareness training is a strategy used by IT and security professionals to prevent and mitigate user risk. These programs are designed to help users and employees understand the role they play in helping to combat information security breaches. Effective security awareness training helps employees understand proper cyber hygiene, the security risks associated with their actions and to identify cyber attacks they may encounter via email and the web.

Why proofpoint?

Proofpoint protects your people, data and brand against advanced threats and compliance risks. Built on the cloud and the world’s most advanced intelligence platform, Proofpoint email protection stops 99% of attachment-based attacks. And every day, it detect and block advanced threats and compliance risks in more than 600 million emails, more than 7 million mobile apps, and hundreds of thousands of social-media accounts.


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