Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Removing challenges and enabling your in-house team to focus on security priorities.


Today’s organisations have evolved to move part’s of their infrastructure and application to the cloud. Therefore it’s essential to ensure these new parameters and critical assets are protected. Today several new security tools support organisations with cloud, virtual and hybrid network environments, protecting and helping you detect and respond to cyber-attacks.

However, just like solutions for on-premise monitoring, these unique tools require unique skills and resources to be effectively installed, managed and monitored. A managed cloud security service removes these challenges, enabling your in-house team to focus on other security priorities rather than day-to-day threat detection.

Our cloud security service

Ensuring your organisation has everything it needs to detect and respond to threats around the clock.

single plane of glass

Generate and aggregate individual IT systems into a centralised location

flexiable usecases

Adapt and adjust through pre-determine usecases and gain instant insight

24/7 service

Around the clock service that will proactively identify threats and vulnerabilities

User Friendly

Gain greater insight into your infastructure and understand where your threats lie

Meet compliance needs

Around the clock service that will proactively identify threats and vulnerabilities

Maximum visability

Gain greater insight into your infastructure and understand where your threats lie

Observability Platform

[uhb.ZUR.vuh.BIL.uh.tee/plat·fawm]  Noun  –  Magnifying your issues in the cloud.

Observability is defined as the ability of the internal states of a system to be determined by its external outputs. With the unknown unknowns of our software’s failure modes, we want to be able to figure out what’s going on just by looking at the outputs: we want observability.

Typically used in cloud computing security or, more simply, cloud security. The platform refers to a broad set of policies, technologies, applications, and controls utilized to protect virtualized IP, data, applications, services, and the associated infrastructure of cloud computing.

Security for Multi-Cloud Environments

Monitor Ongoing Activity

Detects and alerts of activity on all cloud platform resources, such as new activity in a region, activation of new services, or changes to access control lists.

Identify Configuration Issues

Confirm secure network configurations, including limiting access to vulnerable ports, enforcing “the least access” privileges, and checking for the use of flow logging

Track Configuration Continuously

Maintain compliance and protection with a daily re-audit. Monitor account activity for abnormal activity, even when that activity is technically authorized.

You can’t protect what you can’t see

Actionable, Easy to Navigate Information

Visualize interactions and communications between cloud entities. Review incidents at any level of detail. Integrate information from third-party threat databases and quickly find related events anywhere across the cloud.

Take Advantage of Comprehensive Data Collection

Capture data continuously and automatically record available telemetry from every cloud process. Support compliance efforts with comprehensive metrics and Integrate Lacework data with recognised technology partners.

Receive Accurate Alerts with Rich Context

Gain visibility and context into activities and events which are organized into behaviours and minimize alert noise while improving fidelity with aggregation, risk scoring, and customization.

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Why Lacework?

Lacework provides a single platform for securing all of your infrastructure in the public cloud as well as cloud-native tools like containers and Kubernetes. This includes identifying both risks and threats across your dynamic infrastructure, infrastructure as code, your workloads, and containers. Lacework does this to best provide visibility for things like vulnerability and breach detections against all of your cloud infrastructure.


How Lacework Detects Anomalies

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