endpoint detect and response

Act faster and smarter than what’s possible with a blend of AI-powered technology and around the clock investigations

AI Powered endpoint security

As key vulnerable points of entry to your organisation’s network, endpoints represent a significant security risk. Cybanetix Managed Endpoint Detect and Response (EDR), powered by SentinelOne, provides an AI-driven approach coupled with around the clock proactive investigation by an experienced team of threat hunters. Resulting in significantly enhancing the visibility of attacks targeting endpoint devices.

Identifying and responding to endpoint-focussed attacks has never been more challenging, with traditional endpoint technologies ineffective at detecting the latest advanced threats. Cybanetix’s Managed EDR service combines the best of breed endpoint technology with unmatched technical capabilities to protect your organisation.

Our eDR service

Ensuring your organisation has everything it needs to detect and respond to threats around the clock.

industry leaders

Experienced security architects, providing a bespoke service for your every need

Threat Hunting

Build custom threat intelligence by integrating your own cyber data with intel sources

24/7 service

Around the clock service that will proactively identify threats and vulnerabilities

behaviour AI

Real-time monitoring of process and file activity to determine malicious behaviours

Auto Remediation

Single click remediation and roll back for fast recovery of compromised endpoints

Network Quarantine

Protect managed assets from unauthorized communications with one click

Device control

Visibility and granular control across all endpoints

deep visability

Continuous tracking of all endpoint activity, including encrypted traffic

UK Based analysts

UK based, manned Security Operations Centre comprising experienced security analysts


[/ee/dee/rr]  Noun  – Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is a system to gather and analyse security threat-related information from computer workstations and other endpoints, with the goal of finding security breaches as they happen and facilitating a quick response to discovered or potential threats. The term “endpoint detection and response” only describes the overall capabilities of a tool set. Therefore, the details and capabilities of an EDR system can vary greatly depending on the implementation.

The historical data collected by endpoint detection and response tools can provide peace of mind and remediation for actively exploited zero-day attacks, even when a mitigation isn’t available. The IT security industry considers EDR a form of advanced threat protection.

bespoke service expertly designed

award winning experts

Having been awarded SentinelOne's Technical Star Award of the year 2021, our experts are considered as the most capable in the Europe.

Bespoke deployment

We understand each organisation have their own unique complexities, therefore we offer each customer a bespoke service that suits their needs

Reduce operation cost

Ensure our customers receive the right protection without it being detrimental to the bottom line


Record Breaking ATT&CK Evaluation

No Missed Detections. 100% Visibility. Most Analytic Detections Two Years Running. Zero Delays. Zero Config Changes.

Latest cybersecurity unicorn

Gartner leading, AI-focused solution, has become the latest unicorn cybersecurity firm with its recent IPO valued at $12 billion.

Best-in-Class Technology

SentinelOne sets the standard for modern security platforms with unparalleled visibility and enterprise-grade automation & control.

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Find out how cybanetix can better protect your organisation against today's threats

Why sentinelone

SentinelOne was founded by a group of international defence and intelligence experts who saw the need for a dramatic new approach to endpoint protection. Today, our growing global team remains dedicated to constant innovation. SentinelOne’s breakthrough platform is certified as an antivirus replacement, recognized by Gartner and NSS Labs for its disruption, and trusted by the worlds most forward-thinking companies to protect their business.

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