Professional Services

Professional Services

Every organisation must ask themselves whether they have the appropriate security measures to protect against today’s threat and compliance landscape. The complexity of the market inevitably makes it difficult for customers to understand the risks to their business and which technologies are appropriate to mitigate any identified risks. It is hard enough to know how a single technology works, let alone integrating technologies seamlessly, allowing them to work in unison.

In addition to the technologies deployed by the customer, the compliance landscape is continuously changing, as is the customer business approach, which means that organisations may be subject to one or more mandated compliance regimes.

Cybanetix works with organisations to assess our customer’s infrastructure, network, and processes to firstly identify any gaps. Secondly, Cybanetix offers standard assessment and tailored consultancy engagements to help customers with their overall Cyber Security and compliance strategy. And finally, Cybanetix also offers traditional penetration testing services and new automated continuous penetration testing services in cooperation with specialist partners.

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