Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

Providing organisations with automated processes to allow security teams to identify and eradicate threats with precision. 

Respond with precision

Being able to identify and respond to attacks rapidly is essential. Cybanetix’s Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) Service give organisations the ability to do just that. Powered by Siemplify, Cybanetix utilises the SOAR platform to create incident response plans and automates escalation alerts to appropriate teams.

Additionally, the Cybanetix SOAR Service provides an added layer of protection as Siemplify integrates with the Cybanetix technology ecosystem. Because of this, the Cybanetix SOAR service can react quickly to known threats, triggering actions to mitigate the risk of a devastating breach.

Our SOAR service

Ensuring your organisation has everything it needs to detect and respond to threats around the clock.

cut down workload

Reduce caseload by as much as 80% by working prioritized threat-centric cases

Access playbooks

Leverage the rich library of playbooks, to orchestrate tools you rely on

24/7 service

Around the clock service that will proactively identify threats and vulnerabilities

Build processes

Build customizable processes that automate everything from case enrichment to response

threat intelligence

Ingrain threat-intelligence into every step with an integrated threat-intelligence platform

UK Based analysts

UK based, manned Security Operations Center comprising experienced security analysts


[/ss/ore]  Noun  –  Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

SOAR stands for Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response. SOAR platforms are a collection of security software solutions and tools for browsing and collecting data from a variety of sources. SOAR solutions then use a combination of human and machine learning to analyse this diverse data in order to comprehend and prioritize incident response actions.

The term is used to describe three software capabilities – threat and vulnerability management, security incident response and security operations automation. SOAR allows companies to collect threat-related data from a range of sources and automate the responses to the threat. The term was originally coined by Gartner, who also defined the three capabilities. Threat and vulnerability management (Orchestration) covers technologies that help amend cyber threats, while security operations automation (Automation) relates to the technologies that enable automation and orchestration within operations.

bespoke service expertly designed

Combing Experience with experience

Developed by SOC experts with years of expertise in running and training military SOCs across the globe, both Cybanetix and Siemplify understand and addresses the broadest set of SecOps needs.

Bespoke deployment

We understand each organisation have their own unique complexities, therefore we offer each customer a bespoke service that suits their needs

Reduce operation cost

Ensure our customers receive the right protection without it being detrimental to the bottom line


Independent and Vendor-Agnostic

By their very nature, SOAR solutions must play nicely with the entire security ecosystem.

Powerful for Engineers,

Allowing customers to identify contextualise relationships in real-time and group related alerts into threat-centric cases.

Intuitive for Analysts

A simple-to-use platform that allows analysts and engineers at all levels to onboard quickly and consistently make good, fast decisions.

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Find out how cybanetix can better protect your organisation against today's threats

Why siemplyfy?

Siemplify is on a mission to re-envision security operations. We tirelessly pursue simplicity and a stellar user experience to help your SOC move beyond the daily cyber grind and concentrate on what matters most: building resiliency and investigating and remediating real threats, fast. The Siemplify Security Operations Platform serves as your complete security operations workbench going beyond standard play books and automation to deliver case management, investigation, integrated threat intelligence, collaboration, dashboards & reporting, and crisis management.

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