Cybanetix is a Carbon negative company

Cybanetix is a Carbon negative company, with a continuous commitment to keep it carbon negative.

Why is Cybanetix doing this?

At Cybanetix, we believe in providing the best service possible, including how our service affects the global climate crisis. Prior to today, Cybanetix had already ensured that both its data centre and its central London office were powered by renewable energy. However, after further investigation and the COVID-19 pandemic affecting how we deliver our service, we have decided to further mitigate our carbon emissions by offsetting each member of staff’s total carbon footprint.

How is Cybanetix doing this?

In order to ascertain the total carbon footprint of our workforce, each member of staff have gone through the World Watch Foundation’s carbon footprint calculator ( and provided their calculated carbon footprint back to the business. Cybanetix identified that The Gold Standard ( provided assured carbon off-setting options, while also providing wider social benefits.

What is the Gold Standard?

Established in 2003 by WWF and other international NGOs to ensure that projects that reduce carbon emissions meet the highest levels of environmental integrity and also contribute to sustainable development.

It was founded on the principle that climate action cannot be one-dimensional and that climate projects must deliver meaningful, sustainable development benefits beyond just reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

The Gold Standard for the Global Goals is a standard that sets requirements to design projects for maximum positive impact in climate and development — and to measure and report outcomes in the most credible and efficient way.

What project has Cybanetix invested in?

Continuing on our commitment to renewable energy. Cybanetix has now offset over 200 tons of carbon by investing in various renewable energy projects worldwide. Each project offers unique solutions to combat the global energy crisis while also providing significant positive social impact. Below are each of the projects Cybanetix has invested in.

Sidrap Wind Farm Project, Indonesia
Betulia Hydroelectric Project in Honduras
Ceará Renewable Energy Project, Brazil
20 MW Biomass Power Project in Chhattisgarh, India
100.5 MW Wind Power Project in Madhya Pradesh, India